Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lions, Tigers, and Bears....Oh My!!

Lions, Tigers & Bears - Jazmine Sullivan

So this is prolly my favorite song off of Fearless, from one of my favorite artist, Jazmine Sullivan...So here's a taste of her and her new video. Which is Graphically tight, lol

Thursday, January 22, 2009

J.Rabb Attack

That's me all day!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

My President Is Black!

Video is self-explanatory...but diggin it hard!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Thoughts @ 6:46 pm

Bumpin: Jazmine Sullivan- Smile

Soooo...I'm sitting here blogging once again. Actually it's very theraputic. I'm flippin between 106 & Park and Real World Brooklyn, on myspace, and doing this blog thing.

Like I said in a previous blog entry I been reading different peoples blogs, and I really enjoy them. All the ones I liked I started following, lol. I just tryin to get on yall level with the blogs and the page layouts.

Yesterday I was kinda hard on the weather up here, hate is a very strong word, and I would like to take that back...I really dislike the snowy weather. Plus now it is really sub-zero temperatures. It's really really cold.

Other than the coldness, I'm really thankful for just life itself...I'm just tryin to make a difference one day at a time. I try to say a kind word to someone, give them a smile, tell a joke, or just speak. Those things go a lonnnnng way. Negativity, can bring you down...but a positive word might just give a person the fuel to keep going on.

So to anybody that is reading my thoughts...I just want to say I love each and everyone of yall :)


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Today makes me HATE Snow...even more!

So this morning I'm ready to start my day, went out to start up tha vehic
Came back inside, you know just to warm up my truck
Mind you this is at 7:15 this morning and it's snowing...
I'm gettin ready to head back outside to get on my way to class
My freakin truck had turned I'm startin it up again
No act right
I go back in the house cause 1. its snowin and 2. its freakin cold outside
Sub-zero tempratures..ok maybe not that low, but still
I'm trippin cause I had just left outside and the truckwas on
Go back's off

Well long story...short I made it to class
And the little bit of gas I had in the truck had froze..and had to get more

My point is I really, truely, with a passion HATE Snow :(

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

ShoutOut to my [K]rew

Check out my logo I made in like
5mins at school

Anyway Shout Out to
The She-Code

It's Tuesday and It's Snowing

Soooo...I'm actually writing this post while I'm at school. Yeah I know fun. And on top of that it's snowing outside. I haven't been to happy about the snow, I'm a southern girl, and I've been living here most of my life but dang it I HATE snow. The only thing good about the snow is that fact that you get out of going to things you really didn't want to go to, and that only happens when its really bad.

Who loves snow? I definately don't

I've actually sat down and took the time to read some of the blogs that's being posted and some of the concepts I'm really diggin. I'm not much of a talker, but I write for days about random stuff. Like this morning I was on WorldStarHipHop...yes, I love going on there and they had a video on there on the stripper pole "instructor", and why she had her daughter doing the stripper pole. When I first saw that I was dying laughing. But come on if you be on got to admit that some of the Titles below the video be pretty hilarious case and point The Stripper Pole Mom...check the title: The Stripper Pole Mom Responds Back To Accusations Of Her Teaching Her Baby Daughter! "I'm A Pole Dance Instructor. Not An Instructor Of Minors" & Works The Pole

Aight...everything was coo until the last part & Works The Pole. I mean it's ok to respond back but got show what you do, we seen that on the first footage...LOL...that was my random for NOW!

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm Diggin This....So SEXY!

The Coal- Nichols Arm Warmer
I'm diggin this whole arm warmer thing. I'm just different

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I ♥ New York...Home maybe?

So here's the thing...I ♥ New York. I was talking to my cousin who stays there already, and I'm thinking New York just might end up being my home. Well, prayerfully. And once I'm done with school. I'm from South Carolina, thought maybe I'd move back down south...and it's still a possibility. But I don't know.....

I ♥ New York

5 days & counting.....Notorious

Notorious...comes out in 5 days. I think I seen the preview commericals over 50 times this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'm a fan of Biggie, and I really hope it's as good as it's being hyped up about. So I guess now they gonna work on a Tupac biopic, I don't know...maybe?

Speaking of being hyped up don't you just hate when they hype up some movies, just to get you to say Man, I want to see that. But when you go to see that movie it sucks so bad.
I know I hate that with a passion. Seen plenty of them, got some of my friends to go see it with me then, I feel bad cause I hyped it up just like the commerical.

Seriously I hope it's as good as it's being hyped up about, I'll let you know what I think about it, but I'm sure er'ybody is going to see it, lol

I LOVE...lets see PLAID!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ok So I'm diggin the plaid look whether its shoes, shirts,or dresses
I'm really diggin these Creative Recreation shoes...I think I love

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Staxx Stay in my Jeans

So I watch Snoop Dogg's FatherHood, and the show is hilarious, but I particularly remember this show. When Rook made the Staxx in My Jeans video. Anyway here's the whole video. Shout Out to WorldStarHipHop

Love Rollercoaster....

I'm feeling this new song by MIMS ft. Letoya Luckett- Love Rollercoaster. At first I didn't know what to expect from it being that it was from MIMS, you know the song This is why I'm HOT.

Even though it's from a guys point of view it really get you to thinking, you go through rollercoasters in relationships, you have down days, and some days you can be high up in the clouds. I know I've had my shares of up and downs when it comes to relationships, and if you ask yourself you have to.

I think I've witnessed some love rollercoasters and people asked my opinion on the situation, and I'd answer back it's all about how you feel about the situation, and that I'm not able to answer because I'm not you.

Just listen to the song

love rollercoaster - mims ft letoya luckett

Is it truely worth being in...let me know?

Friday, January 9, 2009


Diva (HQ) - Beyonce

It's funny how everybody loves this song..when I was bumpin this way before the album came out. Love this song and the video

Chapter 1 New Year...NewRabbit!!

I was going through looking at all these blogs on the internet, and thought "Hey I can do this ish myself"

So why not come with a Rabbit blog...who is this Rabbit you might ask..that's another story for another day.

So...this is the 9th day of the NEW YEAR , and I wanted to do something a little different. So here it is. I guess with a new year people have a new outlook on how they want their year to conclude to. I'm sure you've seen it, you go through the whole year then on December 31st, you hear friends, family, ye even co-workers ask the question: "So what's your New Years resolution?"

Quite frankly I'm not into the Resolution process, you make promises that you know for a fact the first week you might just keep up with, but then it slowly starts to fall off. I've learned that life can throw so many different curve-balls that what's the point of holding steady to a resolution. So this year, I am making moves, but in a positive way. So should you. Try to make an impact in someone elses life, not just your own. That is the best feeling in the world

I think Biggie said "Can't change the world, if we aren't willing to change ourselves?" He made a valid point..This year we should be willing to make a change in ourselves....I know I am....

J.Rabbit OUT!!!

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