Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Im UP!!

I can count on my hand the rappers that I'm diggin...quite frankly Mr. West is in there wit em...But I was on worldstarhiphop this morning and saw that one of the songs that I loved was on there where he performed it LIVE. The song had him and Brandy another fav..what might that song be "Bring Me Down"....way before Knock You Down...But I think that was the realest bars spit by Mr. West...so I posted the video all cause I got HYPE this morning...LOL

Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Sayin...

Im startin to like this whole lil email blog...so I thought that I would jot down a lil somethin...Soooo yesterday was in my new Boo's chat(Shout Out to Starrthebarbie) and the whole T-Pain chain pic came up.I aint no hater so however anybody want to spend they money more power to em...Im just sayin can I just get a pinch of it...$410,000..just sayin...

Thought for the Morning

Soooooo...Im in school for Graphic Design got a 6 months til Im done...2 1/2 months til my portfolio show and 3 months til I walk across that stage with a diploma...You can say anxious is at the top of my lists for words.

WHY anxious? For one new areas to explore...I stay in Naptown (Indianapolis) not much here...I want to get out of here sooo NY/ATL/QueenCity is at the TOP of my list.... Sky's The Limit! Just dont know yet....

E-Mail Blog

Its early...yeah I know but I wanted to try out this email blog thing..Soooooo what it do world?

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