Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's The God In Me!!

I know it's been a minute since I came on here and left an actual blog. Just so much has been going on. All good things though. I can truly say I'm blessed beyond measure. I've been given opportunities to do different things that I thought maybe a year ago that I wouldn't be actually doing. My life is a testimony in itself. I'ma preachers kid ( no I'm not bad), we get many cliches and perceptions. But you know we as preacher's kids get put on this high platform like we're not suppose to make mistakes and whathave you. But we do.
Alot of blessing and opportunities were through the grace of God, I don't take none of the credit. I didn't come this morning to preach or teach but be real. Alot of things is because it's the God In Me. So hopefully, I was a blessing to someone that might be reading. Just know that God is Awesome, and he is so Good!

So I'm currently listening to Mary Mary-God In Me

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